Mrs Ignatova, what is OneCoin?

OneCoin is an innovative virtual currency - cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrencies are based on the principle of cryptography, which main purpose is to protect the unauthorized usage of the decoded data. With other words, in order to “read” the cryptocurrency, the client needs to possess a specific “reader”. This is exactly the reason of the high security of cryptocurrencies. OneCoin is offering all of those - security, innovation, reliability and, last but not least, profitability.

Nowadays, the cryptocurrency is getting a widely used investment tool exactly because of the high security. It is well known especially in financially matured countries such as China and USA. I am currently noticing a very positive development trend in Bulgaria, which is making me happy. People are opening their minds for more alternative investment tools and are starting to realize the future opportunities of OneCoin.

How does OneCoin differ from other cryptocurrencies?

As I mentioned, just as any other cryptocurrency, OneCoin is based on cryptography. However, what make OneCoin different from other cryptocurrencies is that it is way more dynamic and fast-developing. For example - Bitcoin. It has been known since 2009 but it scored its peak only in 2014. OneCoin succeeded for less than a year to speed up and achieve the fame of a very well known cryptocurrency not only in the European countries but also in Asia, Thailand, Russia and the USA. We are also expecting future success in Latin America.

I succeeded to introduce OneCoin and to convince clients from all around the world of its security and potential, I believe in the future of  the currency and I know that this is only the beginning of a long success story of the company.

What are the advantages to invest in OneCoin?

By investing in OneCoin, we are offering to our client’s participation in additional projects - OnePay, OneAcademy, OneWorld Foundation, Aurum Gold Coin. Each of our clients become an integral part of a network of professionals, whose main goal is the establishment of the common good and the prestigious image of the company. The bigger the network, the higher the profits, and right now the network is getting enormous.

Your company is offering educational packages with different studying programs. What do these packages include?

This is an additional project, which I am currently developing and I am very proud of. OneAcademy is part of OneCoin. Each client of OneCoin receives access to educational materials constructed in 5 different stages. The final goal of the education process is the development of financial knowledge. The educational difficulty is increasing with the level advancement. My degrees have always been with a very high priority for me and I want to share part of my knowledge with the clients of my company. My final goal is to manage to build financial confidence and independence to our clients.

When are you planning to start trading with OneCoin (if you haven’t started yet)?

When sufficient quantity of OneCoins are mined. This terminology is typical for the world of cryptocurrencies. Right now all clients are participating in the creation of the mining of the coins. We have currently around 100 thousand coins mined. Before we release the exchange, we need to make sure that there is sufficient number of coins mined. In that way we are guaranteeing the feasibility to trade with bigger portions of the coin. This guarantees also the higher profitability of the clients.

Can everyone buy and sell OneCoin?

Of course. Everyone can become part of the OneCoin network.

“OneCoin succeeded for less than a year to speed up and achieve the fame of a very well known cryptocurrency”


In what way can OneCoin assist the job of the traders and their clients?

The idea of OneCoin is to make international money transactions faster and cheaper. International systems for money transfers, such as Western Union, have high commissions, which are paid by the clients. Through the OneCoin transfers, no matter where the two interested parties are located, the process happens instantaneously. Furthermore, these transactions almost do not carry any fees. My ultimate goal is the creation of individual e-wallets, which not only combine all products of the company but also are acceptable all around the world.

For most of the cryptocurrencies - including Bitcoin - is typical the high volatility of the prices. Is there any way to minimize that volatility of OneCoin?

This is the moment to mention my newest project - the new hybrid cryptocurrency Aurum Gold Coin, the first cryptocurrency backed up by solid gold. By backing up the value of the cryptocurrency by gold, we are decreasing the volatility and the price of the Aurum Gold Coin depends mainly on the changes of the gold prices. Yes, of course, there are variations in the prices of the gold, but they are not as drastic as the price variations of Bitcoin for a short period of time. We are pioneers in the development of this hybrid type of cryptocurrency and I am extremely excited about its development. I have the honor to present this new hybrid cryptocurrency this May in Dubai in an impressive event organized by the company.

Why do you think OneCoin will become one of the most successful currencies?

In the last few months, we succeeded to attract clients from all around the world. Until this moment we have more than 150 thousand clients and the trend are spectacular. The results are outrunning my forecasts every week. There is not as successful financial instrument as OneCoin until now. My clients believe in me and in OneCoin and I intend to keep up with this success story. I believe that OneCoin will welcome one of the most successful virtual currencies exactly because of these positive statistics, which I have been observing in the last several months, and because of the enthusiasm of my clients.

You were saying that OneCoin could be accepted by the banks as a payment method. Is there going to be any stimulus for the banks to accept payments with the currency?

Cryptocurrency is a worldwide tendency, which is “infecting” everyone. This will inevitable be part of the future and if the banks do not manage to accept the cryptocurrencies as a payment method, they will definitely lose a very important client segment. More and more banks are starting to develop in the crypto-sphere. The stimulus is not only more transactions and clients but also the necessity to be part of the future and OneCoin is the future.

“My ultimate goal is the creation of individual e-wallets, which not only combine all products of the company but also are acceptable all around the world”


What other initiatives do you foresee around the brand OneCoin?

In addition to the new hybrid cryptocurrency and OneAcademy, I am also developing a charity foundation called OneWorld Foundation. Until now we have made several donations for children with visual diseases. We are also donating for education and the possibility to provide the most contemporary education for kids in Bulgaria and abroad.

Do you think that cryptocurrencies can substitute the traditional financial investments such as futures or stocks?

Yes, but this will take time to change the way of thinking of investors. I am observing a growing positive trend among young people in China and Thailand, who are thinking in a very non-traditional for the Europeans way. They believe in the possibilities of technology and its combination with the well known financial instruments. I am claiming that the cryptocurrencies will become one of the major financial tools but more efforts and time are required to make it happen.

What is your experience in the financial sector and how did your experience help you in the establishment of OneCoin?

For years I have been working in the financial sector. My experience includes companies such as McKinsey & Company, Deutsche Bank, different asset management funds, including my own asset management company. I have worked in various business structures and sectors. I have structured numerous business deals, but I have never seen such a dynamic and profitable project as OneCoin. This can only motivate me to keep on developing what I have already established until now.